Friday, 23 May 2014

Cooke'em all with the Papadum Express®

People get confused between different Papadums in the market, "Papadum, Papad, Appalam, Poppadom and Poppadam" they all mean the same and cook in the same way, Roast or Grill them on flame, Microwave them or even deep fry them. They also come in many shapes, sizes, and flavors. But the healthiest, quickest and the easiest way is with the Papadum Express Microwave tray to cook (Papadum, Papad, Appalam, Poppadom or Poppadam)

No matter, what you call these
(Papadum, Papad, Appalam, Poppadom or Poppadam) they all mean kinda the same thing. All Indian Papadums! The Papadum Express is ready for the whole lotta them. No matter what or which one of these you prefer, the Papadum Express is quick action cooking on any of these, in the microwave, quick and easy every time..

Before the Papadum Express, we ourselves used to cook them in the microwave, but now
(Papadum, Papad, Appalam, Poppadom or Poppadam) It’s always the Iconic Papadum Express. And again, you want fast oil free, fat free papadums then try the Papadum Express for all your Indian Papadum needs. 60 seconds in the microwave and Boom! Your Guilt Free Indian Papadums are a Go!

How to cook Papadums with the Papadum Express: 
Add raw papadums in the papadum express microwave tray. Place the papadum express tray in the microwave on high for about 40 seconds to a minute. (1200w recommended) See if they have firmed and expanded, if they have, it's ready. Nice Crisp n' Crunchy healthy papadums. All the different papadums mentioned above Papad, Appalam, Poppadom or Poppadam cook the same way.

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 Papadum Express®: Cooks great tasting healthy food – fast Quick n' easy!
Papadum Express®: 
Lijjat Papad, Sharwood's Puppodums, Patak's Pappadums and Maharajah's Pappadams
apad (Plain), Tapiaco Papadum or Papad
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