Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Papadum Express®: 2014 London Design Awards Silver Winner

Pappadums, Puppodums or Pappadams, Papadum Express Award Winner

The iconic Papadum Express® has triumphed again and is the 2014 London Design Award Silver Winner! For Design, Innovation and Excellence at Home...

Making the world’s finest Papadum Cooking Microwave Tray, right here in Australia. Like many great Aussie products, we made it Strong, Durable and Beautiful.

Delivering your guilt free Papadums forever…!

Your Guilt free Papadums forever!

Now, cook Crisp n’ Crunchy
papadums, restaurant style, watch video..


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Papadum Express
KADVA KORP. / ABN 36 580 390 577

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 Papadum Express®: Cooks great tasting healthy food – fast Quick n' easy!
Papadum Express®: 
Lijjat Papad, Sharwood's Puppodums, Patak's Pappadums and Maharajah's Pappadams
apad (Plain), Tapiaco Papadum or Papad
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