Thursday, 1 January 2015

Papadum Express® - Sydney and London Design Awards 2014

In 2011 we invented and registered the Papadum Express®!
All through 2012 to 2013, we founded and established the company and in 2014, we won the Sydney Design Award and a few months later we scored Silver in London!

It has been a very exciting, but an arduous journey making the world’s best and only Papadum microwave tray. We made it StrongDurable and Beautiful. Creating a World class product, was an important statement. The Papadum Express® is an absolute icon in the making.

Get your hands on this world’s first and, you’ll know it’s Australian made!

The Papadum Express®, is also part of the New York - Edison Awards and The German
REDDOT Awards!
The history making continues….

Team – Papadum Express®.


Your Guilt free Papadums forever!

  This is why we won the Sydney Design Award
for the beautiful looks an usability of the 
Papadum Express®, watch video..


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Papadum Express
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 Papadum Express®: Cooks great tasting healthy food – fast Quick n' easy!
Papadum Express®: 
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