Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Papadum Express® : Spicy Potatoes with Roti and Sweet Mango Pickle & some Papadums.

Spicy Potatoes (Aloo masala) is a favorite of many, in the Indian foods culinary calender. The same spicy potatoes are also nice served as a side recipe dish. Our food set-up here is dished out with some awesome maithi chapati's or roti's, plus the culinary sweet mango pickle and papadums to go. It's a summer dish! Ready quick fast and with a combination of spices, infused with tasty of poppy seeds, cumin seeds, and not forgetting the curry leaves all cooked in some light virgin olive oil, bringing the dish alive every time! One can also make this dish very spicy with chillies and turmeric for colour and temptation. Not forgetting the legendary Papadum Express® enriching the moment with the quick and healthiest oil free, fat free papadums to go...

Just Stack, Whack and Serve and Enjoy your 
Crisp n' Crunchy delicious papadums.

Papadum Express® a game changer.

Your Guilt free Papadums forever!

Look at how papadums 
cook in a flash with the 
Papadum Express® 
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Papadum Express
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 Papadum Express®: Cooks great tasting healthy food – fast Quick n' easy!
Papadum Express®: 
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