Friday, 24 June 2016

Papadum Express® - Kings Madras Pappadam. Microwave cook 5 papads in 40 seconds!

Papadum Express® is the world's first multiple Pappadam Cooking Microwave tray. Cook 10 Crisp n' Crunchy.

Indian Pappadams fast .. in minutes, oil free, fat free and easy-to-clean. Cook your guilt free Pappadams, forever!

Here we cook, 5 Kings Madras Pappadams in 40 seconds! As you can see, they turn out absolutely crisp and crunchy every time. The Papadum Express® is truly the fastest way to make your fat free, healthy Pappadams in an instance, using the 1200W SHARP Inverter technology Microwave.

Forget the questions::
Papad Microwave Cooking?
Microwaving papads?
How-to-roast or make healthy papads at home?

Making the best Pappadams or Papads at home is now as easy as making popcorn with the Papadum Express® Microwave Cooking Tray.

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Your Guilt free Papadums forever!
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Papadum Express
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 Papadum Express®: Cooks great tasting healthy food – fast Quick n' easy!
Papadum Express®: 
Lijjat Papad, Sharwood's Puppodums, Patak's Pappadums and Maharajah's Pappadams
apad (Plain), Tapiaco Papadum or Papad
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