Saturday, 23 April 2016

Papadum Express® - Ghobi Manchurian with Papadums

This is one of the craziest food items I've ever made, it's called Ghobi Manchurian with papadums, "Extra Spicy", it looks stunning, sprinkled with fresh salad and a bit of yogurt to soften the spicy blow. 

My mouth was salivating so much I wanted to eat it before I even took the photos, I just couldn't wait to have a bite, it even smelled good.

Gobhi Manchurian is Indo Chinese food, which means it's an Indian Chinese food item.
Gobhi is cauliflower, one of India's favorite vegetables which is fried and mixed with
spicy Manchurian gravy.

 Any Manchurian dish is mostly eaten with rice, noddles, naan, paratha's or roti.
But this time I thought I wanted a bit of crunch with my Manchurian, so I ate it with crisp and crunchy papadums made by the Papadum Express® microwave tray.

The Papadum Express® is an amazing way of cooking papadums quick and easy,  
restaurant style. 

 As I had mentioned earlier, my mouth was salivating, after the photos where taken, I ate them all. It was absolutely delicious, I highly recommend it..
Your Guilt free Papadums forever!

Now, watch 10 Papadums being cooked
in 60 seconds..

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